Commercial Flooring.

Commercial Flooring

Restoration & Replacement

Commercial Flooring Restoration & Replacement

Commercial Flooring gets used

Absolutely no qustion about this. Commercial flooring is probably the most used flooring around. Entrance hallways are especially prone to getting heavy traffic abuse, while corridors and door areas come close runners up.

Commercial flooring is normally carpet, tiled, wood block, or vinyl flooring, and thankfully,we are able to provide a cleaning restoration and repair service for all of these commercial flooring surfaces.

Far right you can see just how bad some entrance hallway carpets can get, and also just how well we can revive them to make them attractive and inviting once more, creating the right impression for yout clients and visitors.

Many businesses replace flooring needlesly, purely because they are unaware of the potential for cleaning. We offer a free site visit, where we will evaluate the potential for cleaning, and even cary out a test clean in a discreet section. This leaves you with no doubt at all of the price, and the results you will achieve.