Educational Flooring.

Sports Halls and School Wood Block Flooring

Restoration & Replacement

Educational Flooring is traditionally wood block, or plank, and unfortunately wood deteriorates over time.

We have carried out works on various types of flooring for schools in our area and beyond.

The Image right shows Bishop Gore main hall wood block floor after we had carried out remedial work.

Below that is another wood block floor that has been cleaned of polish/wax, then sanded down ready for resurfacing.

Below that we have the Sports area. Sports halls are especially important due to the hhealth and safety issues associated with the activities they are used for. Loose blocks, raised blocks, split blocks etc all have their own H&S issues, but don't worry, as we are able to repair and replace damaged sections

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The images below show the repair of damaged wood plank flooring in a School sports hall. The flooring had raised and split and was causing a serious health and safety isue. We were able to repair this fault within a matter of hours, and the Area became compliant with current health and safety legislation as a result.